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Let's start with a free 20 minute introduction session, where we get to meet each other:

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Let's embark on a healthy journey

The Startling Truth 

Did you know that a shocking 80% of chronic diseases, from heart conditions to type 2 diabetes and even certain cancers, are fueled by the food choices we make? Standard diets nowadays are rich in processed foods, which are loaded with added sugars, unhealthy fats, and lack essential nutrients. The numbers don't lie: our dietary choices are driving us all towards and unprecedented health crisis, robbing us of our well-being, energy and even life itself.

The Urgency

The consequences of a poor diet are real, immediate and in some cases irreversible. But there is hope. The same way the wrong kind of food can make us sick, the right kind of food can have healing and preventative effects in our bodies. This is your wake up call to reclaim or optimize your health and vitality. It all starts with a simple choice: Taking control of your nutrition. Because health is the most valuable and precious asset we have. 

Uncover the Power of Nutrition

Ready to rewrite your story? I'm Vanessa, a Certified Nutrition Coach and Health Advocate on a mission to empower you on your path to better health, enhanced performance and longevity. As a firm believer in the power of a holistic approach, l'm passionate about not only nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods but also nurturing our minds, exploring the beauty of nature, and practicing self-care. I've got your back!

Start Your Journey

Take the first step and book a Nutrition Coaching Session today! Wether you are seeking personal guidance or looking to enhance your whole teams health and vitality, I offer both types of coachings: 

Corporate Coaching


I believe there is a pivotal link between a company's success and the well-being of its employees. Having worked in corporate companies for the last 10 years I believe that healthy nutrition is not only a personal pursuit but also a powerful, performance enhancing tool for executives, teams and entire businesses.  

Let's connect over a first discovery call and discuss how we can transform you company's health strategy:

Individual Coaching

Whether you're aiming for weight management, enhanced athletic or professional performance or simply adopting a healthier lifestyle, I am dedicated to empower you to make lasting and meaningful changes in your eating habits. I will equip you with all the tools, knowledge and tipps you need to reach and maintain your goals. 

Uncover the power of nutrition and find the perfect package:

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